Technogym SKILLROW demo

The anticipation of the SKILLROW‘s arrival in the build up to IHRSA 2017 was fantastic! Technogym played out the announcemend brilliantly with some nifty teaser videos and I bought in!

I reached out to Technogym Australia’s GM – Claudio Bertozzi for some on-the-ground details of the launch and he kindly responded:

What I love in the SKILLROW is the Aquafeel, with the magnetic resistance possibility to increase the resistance. Racing with friends or alone, by utilising the app with images is a fantastic motivational tool. I like SKILLROW because it can be complemented with SKILLMILL and Plyoboxes for a compelling work out with pulse rate and rpm monitoring.

Jumping on the rower myself was a really cool experience, I loved the feel and am sold on the boost of technology Technogym have injected thanks to a dedicated SKILLROW app and of course, backed by the mywellness ecosystem.

Technogym SKILLROW

IHRSA was the stage for Technogym’s world premier of their new ‘connected’ indoor rower the SKILLROW. Image Courtesy of Technogym

As Claudio mentioned in the quote above, RACES comes to the SKILLROW, as it has on the UNITY 3.0 console for the CLIMB and Technogym treadmills. I love the the continuity Technogym are offering across their fitness equipment range.

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Also see Technogym’s official press release below:

Technogym launches SKILLROW

The new athletic training solution for indoor rowing

June 2017 – Technogym, the world leading producer of design and technology-driven fitness equipment solutions, is proud to announce the launch of SKILLROW, the first indoor rowing equipment designed to improve anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities in one solution.

SKILLROW has been designed to provide an unparalleled feeling that stimulates the act of rowing on water: AQUAFEEL. The resistance follows the natural curve of the stroke in the water and with AQUAFEEL, the resistance is gradual, making the movement fluid and avoiding strain on the lower back.

“The SKILLROW is by far the best rower on the market. It hits all three functions of training including strength, cardio and endurance, allowing for a challenging workout. It’s sleek, smooth and consistent along with a top-notch digital display” – Virgin Active Pitt Street members – first facility to trial and test SKILLROW.

Technogym has first-hand experience in the training methods and systems of thousands of worldwide sports champions in over 100 different disciplines. This knowledge is at the heart of TNT – TECHNOGYM NEUROMUSCULAR TRAINING, a new methodology that helps create high intensity workouts aimed at improving sports performance. This technology has been developed by Technogym’s Scientific Department in collaboration with professional athletes and research institutes.

Technogym SkillRow App Demo

Technogym has also launched the SKILLROW App that enables users to enjoy a motivating digital experience and the ability to have a virtual coach available. The app includes a variety of training programs and tools to offer users guidance as part of the TNT system. The technology will also enable users to monitor and track their results and to receive real time feedback on the training metrics to improve their performance.

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