Precor PREVA 7.0 Demo 2017

It is always a pleasure to meet up with Precor‘s networked fitness guru – Guy Williams. This time I was especially psyched to get a sneak peak (and demo footage) of the 7.0 version of Preva’s network fitness solution.

My two favourite features
  1. Personally I really like the ease of selecting favourite tiles and the ability to retain those settings for next time you rock up (creature of habit right here).
  2. Being immersed into TV and internet is one thing, but getting fit is still the object of the game -no? That’s why 7.0‘s dual video and fitness course profile views get a BIG tick of appreciation from me. I think there is nothing more annoying than not knowing when rest and work periods are approaching. Just me? doubt it.
Precor Course Profile and TV

7.0 delivers dual TV/course profile capability. Yay!

The demo includes footage of:

  • MYUI screen customisation
  • Concept of ‘Move to Use’
  • Tile format features
  • Dual video & fitness course profile views
  • Pop up messaging feature

See the demo video above ⇑ and Precor’s official press release below ⇓

Precor launches 7.0 Software providing a Personalised Entertainment Experience

The latest global software release from Precor, Preva OS 7.0, is bringing popular audio and video entertainment options and further advances to networked consoles featured on Precor cardio equipment across 82 countries.

With over 62,000 Preva networked consoles worldwide, Precor leads the way in fitness technology and continues to improve its offering for operators and exercisers through ongoing automatic and seamless software updates. This update targets Precor cardio equipment featuring the latest touch screen consoles, the P82 (15-inch screen) and P62 (10-inch screen).

Precor Preva 7.0

Along with delivering on its promise of ‘fitness made personal’ by enabling exercisers to access their personal audio and video entertainment app accounts via networked Precor consoles, this software release brings tools and services to enable facilities to deliver on their business model through the Precor console.

“We have expanded the capabilities of the MyUI™ suite of tools with a new feature called ‘Manage Apps’, which allows operators to select which media and entertainment sources they want to make available on the networked Precor consoles,” explains Jeff Bartee, Principle Product Manager at Precor. “Our customers want control over how they deliver their brand experience and reach optimal business health.”

In addition, the 7.0 software release enables Single Sign On (SSO) relieving exercisers of the need to enter a login and password for each entertainment app, allowing them to access their workout more quickly. Now, with a single touch, exercisers need only input their account credentials once in the Preva operating system, giving them instant access to their personal audio and video entertainment apps.

“Precor continually strives to personalize the exerciser experience. Enabling single-touch access and using as much of the console screen as possible to display an exerciser’s preferred video service were crucial requirements to delivering a compelling experience within the context of a workout,” comments Bartee.

With personalisation comes the need for privacy. The MyProfile app also debuts in this release to allow exercisers to be in control of their information and easily manage their Preva account information and third party app login credentials.

The Preva 7.0 release enables a new option, the media adapter, for P82 and P62 customers. The media adapter supports the Pro:Idiom™ encryption needs of hotels and connection to a DIRECTV® set-top-box for access to hundreds of High Definition (HD) channels.

Bartee concludes, “Exercisers compare our digital experience to what they have on their phones. The Preva 7.0 release meet that threshold by enabling a single touch launch of apps, providing the ability to personalise the layout of the home screen, and delivering curated, compelling, and fresh content on a regular basis. No one else does that.”