How To: Store Concept2 Rowing and SkiErg workout data to your phone

In this step by step guide, you’ll learn how I began to capture my Concept2 workout data. There maybe other ways to do it, but I love trying to figure things out myself and I hope this helps you in some way too!

Step 1:

Check the rower or SkiErg for the console model. If it say’s PM5, you’re in business!

Concept2 SkiErg Pm5 close up

Step 2:

Download Concept2’s ErgData app to your smartphone (no account needed at this stage).

Here is the link to the Concept2 website to choose your preferred smartphone app version (iOS, android)

Concept2 ErgDataStep 3:

Once downloaded, open the App and go into the settings section (bottom right of screen)

Step 4:

Scroll down to Indoor Rower Type and tap it.

Ergdata App Rower Type

Step 5.

Select your desired machine i.e. SkiErg

ErgData App select machine

Step 6:

On the PM5 Console: Press the MENU button, then press MORE OPTIONS and then press TURN WIRELESS ON. This will enable ErgData App to find PM5 and pair.

PM5 Wireless on

Step 7.

On the ErgData App: Go back to Preferences screen and press Connect to PM5 with Bluetooth.

The phone and PM5 will look for each other. It may take a little time to pair (30-60 secs) so be patient. You need to select the PM5 console listed. It should then connect.

Step 8:

Go back to the home screen, warm up, set your desired workout and then smash out your SkiErg or rowing session!!!!

Side Note: I wedged my phone between the erg’s frame and the PM5 as there was no cradle (as pictured below)

SkiErg App

Did this help you? Let me know in the comments section below!